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A nice pre-Christmas surprise

It was bitterly cold. Remus had spent a great deal of time looking in shop windows and poking about in corners of junk shops and used book shops trying to find something good to give Severus for Christmas. He'd finally finished making the payments on one, though he wanted two or three more presents before he would consider himself done. His other friends had been ridiculously easy to shop for, compared to Severus. Then again, with them, he found things that looked nice without worrying if they were just right or not.

With a sigh, he tucked his purchase up further under his arm, shaking his cloak down to hide it, and Apparated home. When he got there, he glanced around, but didn't see Severus' cloak.

"Hello?" he called, wondering if he could sneak the present upstairs. When he got no answer, he draped his cloak over a chair and ran upstairs, hiding the box under the bed in the spare room and setting a charm on it to keep Severus from getting into it.

Then he looked around and wondered if Severus were really out. He went back down to the sitting room and didn't hear any sound from the cellar, so he decided Severus must not be home. They would have to do takeaway tonight, he thought, he just wanted a glass of Firewhiskey and a warm fire. He set about getting himself both and then settled on the rug in front of the fire, letting his eyes drift almost closed as he watched the flames.

They flickered and danced, hypnotically calming despite their activity. Just before they managed to lull Remus into a doze, a burst of green roared up through them, building the fire into a roaring inferno, and then Severus stumbled out, a large leatherbound journal under his arm.

He spotted Remus on the rug and let out a completely uncharacteristic whoop, not noticing Remus' sleepiness in his excitement. Severus immediately pounced, landing in Remus' lap and throwing an arm around his neck to plant an utterly enthusiastic kiss on his lips.

Remus let out a startled yelp, but once he realised he was being kissed and not attacked, he wrapped his arms around Severus, trying to shake off the confusion.

Severus chuckled, pulling back to watch Remus, his eyes bright. "Sorry! Guess what?" He pulled the large book from under his arm and propped it between them, watching Remus eagerly from over the top.

Remus blinked owlishly at him and finally managed a "What?" in a gravelly voice.

"I reckon I've got your morning-after potion sussed," Severus announced, opening the journal and flipping to a page covered in frantic, spidery scrawl. He turned it around to show Remus. Some of it was English, but the rest seemed to be incomprehensible scribbling, though Severus clearly found meaning in it, as he pointed to a grouping of symbols and a bit of what looked like someone's leftover Arithmancy homework. There were even some runes mixed in.

"See, here, obviously, is the formula I'd been working with," he said excitedly. "And I'd been thinking that this part of the formula was correct, I'd been ignoring it completely and re-working a couple of the other bits, but," he paused to chuckle, "I've been completely daft, because as you can obviously see, there's an error right there in my figuring, and then of course that renders this ingredient here completely unnecessary, and bollocks up the entire rest of my formula!" Despite what he was saying, he seemed entirely delighted by that.

"Oh. Obviously." Remus blinked at the book, then looked up at Severus' delighted face. A flash of love went through him with such strength that it left him stunned.

"Yeah, it's quite embarrassing, actually," Severus said. "But look, so here," he paused to point to another mixture of symbols and runes and numbers, "here I managed to correct that bit that was totally cocked up, and as you can see, it makes much more sense. So that was the difficult part, and after that it was simply a matter of applying the logical formulaic method, not to mention a genius bit of ingredient-figuring, and this," he turned the page quickly, and there were about four inches of nothing but numbers and symbols, "is the new formula!"

Remus focused his gaze on the formula, thinking that it looked nothing like the five years of Potions he had learned--well, tried to learn--and amazed that it was what brought him relief on the days after the full moon. "That's brilliant, Severus," he said, trying to sound enthusiastic even if he didn't understand what Severus was talking about. He looked back at his lover's face and his expression melted into awe as he was overwhelmed again by the exultant look on Severus' face.

"Yes, it rather is," Severus said, preening for a moment. He beamed at Remus. "I brewed a part of it in the lab today, while I was doing my figuring, but I couldn't brew the entire thing. Still, I do think that I have it sussed! So it should work much better for you this full."

"I'm so glad you figured it out," Remus said. "I always knew you could." He beamed at Severus, lifting a hand to trace his cheek. "I'm so proud of you."

Severus closed his book quickly and tossed it aside so he could lean in and snog Remus proper.

With a surprised noise, Remus let Severus control the kiss, though he tangled his fingers in Severus' hair and wrapped an arm around his waist tightly.

"I'm just so pleased that I'll finally be able to help you the way I meant to," Severus added, when he broke the kiss. He wanted to keep kissing Remus, but he wanted to talk, also. And a large part of him wanted to abandon talking and go straight on to shagging.

He liked the possessive arm around his waist and the fingers in his hair. Severus melted into Remus' touch.

Remus smiled up at him. "Tell me about it," he said, playing idly with Severus' hair. "How did you realise what you needed to do?"

"Well, I just...kept picking at this one spot I was convinced was wrong, and through that, I realised that I was using two ingredients that produced nearly the same effect, but were a bit redundant to be using in the same potion, but they seemed to both need to be there," Severus said, just as animatedly as before, though he was leaning against Remus with his head on Remus' shoulder, and suddenly more aware of the fact that he was straddling Remus' lap. "Then I saw that the one I had duplicated at two stages in the potion, and I followed that trail back up to the beginning, where I'd thought everything was fine, so I made myself go through from the very start and re-figure everything. It was incredibly tedious, but I found the spot where I made the error, and then I had to go through the rest of the potion and take out everything that error affected - another quite tedious process, as I'm sure you can imagine, and then I had to go back and make certain that the formula worked without what I'd taken out."

Severus paused to take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Which it didn't. So after that, I had to make it work, and I nearly threw out the entire thing and started from scratch a few times out of frustration, but I knew that going back to square one was not what needed to happen."

Remus smiled wonderingly at him. "You went to all that trouble just for me," he said softly, stroking Severus' hair back from his face, then twining his fingers in it again.

"Yes of course," Severus said, tilting his head so he could see Remus' face without moving too much. "You're worth it. I want to help you. I mean, I...I like that you're a werewolf, but I have seen how difficult the transformation is, how it wears on your body, and I just want to ease things for you. Just the thought that you go through such a...traumatizing thing, every single month, it's amazing to me. You deserve to have it eased as much as anyone can."

"God," Remus uttered, gobsmacked yet again. "You just--I love you so much." He tightened his fingers a little in Severus' hair and pulled him down for a searing kiss.

Severus gasped into the kiss, returning it with the hunger of his enthusiasm.

Remus hadn't the words to tell Severus how much it meant to him that he would go to such lengths for him, and consider it worthwhile. He ran his hand up and down Severus' back, wishing there weren't so many layers of clothes in the way, and tried to show Severus with his kiss just how much it meant to him.

With just that kiss, Severus imagined he could feel how much Remus loved him. He felt eager and humbled, and let Remus control the kiss while it lasted, until they were both breathless. Severus gasped against Remus' shoulder a moment, wishing they weren't dressed. His arousal was trapped snugly in his pants, so he vanished them nonverbally, hoping to give Remus a nice surprise later.

"Love you," he breathed.

"Oh, Severus, I love you," Remus gasped, trailing little kisses along Severus' jaw and cheek. "You're so good to me, so perfect for me. Life is so much better with you." He tightened his arms a little, wishing he could find the words.

Severus smiled, his eyes slitting at the welcome attention. "That is all I strive for," he said softly.

"Yes," Remus breathed, nuzzling at Severus' jaw. He kissed Severus again and rolled them over so he was straddling Severus, who was then spread out underneath him. "You are everything to me."

Severus watched his lover from his new position. "And you are everything to me."

Remus growled faintly and leaned down to close his teeth gently but firmly on Severus' throat.

Severus let out a soft groan, as much from love as pleasure. He bared his throat further, wanting Remus to understand he was giving his submission.

Remus licked softly at the skin. "You are mine," he breathed, and then he lifted his head and rolled them over again, baring his own throat to Severus. "And I am yours," he finished, watching his lover hungrily.

Severus hesitated only a moment, meeting Remus' gaze, and then he leaned in and bit at the skin of Remus' throat, firmly to mark his claim, but not too hard.

Remus groaned and buried his fingers in Severus' hair, holding him against his throat. "Yes," he breathed. "So right."

Severus sucked at the teeth marks he'd made. "Yes," he agreed.

Remus groaned again. "We need to have sex," he said. "Right now."

A jolt of arousal went through Severus with that. "Yes, I think you're right," he said, trying and failing to sound calm.

He'd had thoughts earlier in the day of suggesting his rentboy clothes when he got home, to celebrate, and he'd imagined all the things he'd say to Remus to drive him wild. Now it seemed as if that wasn't quite necessary, and he couldn't make himself suggest anything because it would take more time than just tearing their clothes off and shagging.

He shifted so his mouth was right near Remus' ear. "Will you fuck me?"

"Yes, yes!" Remus gasped, his arms tightening convulsively around Severus and pulling their bodies together. "Need you, Severus."

Severus' breath shuddered out of him. "Need you too. So much."

"Kit off," Remus growled, sliding one hand down to grope Severus' arse.

Severus gasped, then leaned back enough to smirk at Remus. He shifted so he could get his robes off, watching Remus heatedly, and then drew them over his head, revealing that he had absolutely nothing on underneath.

"Oh my God," Remus uttered, staring. A gleam of pure lust came into his eyes and he rolled to his knees, snapping a button off his shirt in his haste to undress. As soon as he was naked, he pulled Severus close with one hand in his lover's hair, kissing him fiercely as his other hand roamed down Severus' lean torso.

Severus groaned as their lips met, sliding an arm around Remus' neck and stroking down his side with the other.

"You are so brilliant," Remus murmured between kisses. "So desirable, so graceful. Love you. Want you."

"Nnn, want you too," Severus gasped, drawing his nails down Remus' back. "Sexy. Wonderful."

The stinging along his back drew a growl from Remus' throat. He bore Severus gently down to the floor, admiring the way he looked with his pale skin contrasting against the dark rug, and blinked slowly at him, letting his hunger show plainly in his expression. After a minute of simply drinking in the sight of Severus, he moved to kneel over him and leaned down for a possessive kiss.

Severus liked that, lying all splayed out for his lover, and seeing that look in Remus' gaze, that hunger. Remus always made him feel so desired that these days it was entirely common for him to forget that he was ugly. He watched Remus just as eagerly as he was being watched, and then he met that kiss hungrily, loving the way Remus kissed him, as if he could say everything he didn't have words for with it.

Remus drew back just long enough to smile at Severus, then kissed his jaw and under his ear and trailed more kisses and nibbles down Severus' throat. His hands stroked along Severus' skin, flicking lightly over nipples and feathering along his ribs. He was growling faintly, until his lips found a nipple to lick and suck eagerly.

Severus tossed his head back and arched beneath the onslaught of Remus' mouth. He tangled a hand in his hair and bent his legs to cradle Remus between them.

Liking the way Severus' legs held him, Remus stroked his palms appreciatively down to his lover's thighs, then ran his fingers up and back down from knee to hip, letting the dark hair tickle his fingers. "Gorgeous," he murmured. "Love you."

"Love you," Severus uttered, running his hands over Remus' back.

Remus smiled down at him and turned one hand so he could ghost his fingertips along the back of Severus' knee. He watched his lover's face avidly, loving how he always reacted to that.

Severus gasped in surprise and let out a little moan. "Oh Remus."

"Mmm," was Remus' only response. He caressed the skin there, but leaned in to kiss Severus' parted lips. He wanted Severus so much! But he wanted to take the time for Severus to know how much he was appreciated--and for Remus to revel in touching his lover.

Severus returned the kiss, his own hands greedy to touch whatever he could reach of Remus.

"Love kissing you," Remus murmured. "Love touching you." He shifted and lowered himself so their erections nestled against each other, giving a low groan at the pleasure that brought.

"Yes," Severus groaned, arching his hips up against Remus'. "Merlin, Remus!"

"Oh, perfect," Remus managed. He shifted and let another spasm of pleasure take him. "God, yes! Need you, Severus. Need you so much, need you now." He slid a hand down to cup Severus' arse, letting his fingers slide into the valley promisingly.

Severus arched and bent his knees further to give Remus more room. "Oh, please," he gasped.

Remus exhaled sharply and smiled hungrily at Severus. He drew one of Severus' hands up to his lips and kissed it tenderly, then trailed his mouth along the skin, lips parted--not biting or kissing, just breathing raggedly and letting his lips brush the skin. He wanted to devour Severus, to have Severus devour him. As much as he always loved Severus and wanted him, he couldn't remember being this aroused for quite some time. At the same time he was shifting his position so he could rub against Severus briefly. He wanted Severus now, but at the same time he needed to be thorough.

Severus made a needy noise, enjoying the way Remus rubbed against him, though he wanted more than that. He was aware they hadn't really done much in the way of foreplay, but it was hard to care when he was this aroused. "Remus, you drive me mad."

Remus' breathing hitched, then he chuckled breathlessly. "Sorry," he purred. "Do you want me inside you now?" He draped Severus' arm over his shoulder, wanting those fingers in his hair, and lifted himself a little to get in position. His hot gaze never left Severus'.

Severus' hand instantly tangled in Remus' hair at the invitation, tugging lightly. "Merlin yes, please!"

Remus' mouth curled in a hungry smile and he murmured the spells to prepare Severus. "I want you so much. Want to be inside you, thrusting hard, bringing us both pleasure." He leaned down and captured Severus' mouth with his own. "Want you now." He growled the last word, and pressed slowly and steadily inside, gasping at the tight pleasure that engulfed him.

Severus wrapped his legs around Remus' hips, kissing Remus with teeth and tongue to convey how good he felt. He tugged Remus' hair and scratched down his back.

"Ahh!" Remus groaned, his hips jerking as he settled against Severus. "Oh, Severus, so good," he managed, all his teasing fled. This was exquisite, perfect--he needed nothing else in his life but Severus. He began to move, his body aligning with Severus', pulling him close, rocking them together. "So wonderful," he breathed, his mouth at Severus' ear.

"Yes, feels...brilliant..." Severus gasped, clinging to Remus tightly and rocking with him. He didn't want anything but this feeling.

"You do so much for me," Remus muttered as he thrust, trying to go deep even though his body was urging him to move faster. "Makes me feel so good, so important."

"You are...most important person...to me," Severus managed in between noises of pleasure as Remus thrust. Remus always knew how to make him feel good. He loved this.

Those words created a warmth in Remus' chest. He kissed Severus passionately, sliding an arm under Severus' hips to pull them together better.

Severus tangled one hand in Remus' hair, arching his back and groaning into the kiss when Remus' cock hit just the right spot inside him.

Remus liked that. He thrust harder, feeling the pleasure rushing through his veins, pulling him in. Resting his weight on the arm under Severus, he moved his hand to circle Severus' cock, stroking fast.

Kissing Remus with all the hunger of his passion, Severus finally had to break off because he couldn't contain his noises. He cried out as Remus continued to hit that spot inside him. Combined with the hand on his cock, he was being driven wild.

Panting, Remus watched Severus hungrily for a few moments, then lowered his head to bite Severus' neck.

Severus cried out, scratching down Remus' back again as he came over Remus' hand and their stomachs.

Remus growled faintly, smiling. "Oh, yeah, love you so much," he gasped, Severus' orgasm driving him up, up--and then pushing him over the edge. He groaned Severus' name as he came, then slumped down over his lover.

Severus wrapped his arms around Remus and held him close.

"Mmm, Severus." Remus nuzzled his throat, letting his eyes fall closed.

"Remus, love you," Severus murmured.

"Love you," Remus replied, smiling. "So much. So grateful you love me."

"Yes," Severus agreed, closing his eyes.

Eventually Remus realised he was close to falling asleep. He shifted to slip out of Severus, then settled down against him again. Severus was so warm. This felt so good.

"Let's just sleep here," Severus murmured, smiling a little. Getting to the bed seemed so difficult.

Remus hummed in agreement and nuzzled Severus again.

This was their special shagging rug, after all. And thanks to extra cushioning charms, it was incredibly comfortable. Happy, Severus curled against Remus and let his lover and the flickering firelight warm him to sleep.

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