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10 March 1981 - Happy 21st Birthday, Remus!

Severus' birthday had really been awful.  He was therefore hoping to not repeat the awful with Remus' birthday, and consequently had not tried for any big, spectacular showing, because those just seemed to be inviting disaster, these days.

Indeed, Remus had a mission for the Order in the first half of the day, and when tea time rolled around, Severus had actually made the effort to cook him an actual meal, but he wasn't holding his breath that Remus would be on time for it.  All he knew was that Remus would be gone until sometime in the evening, and Severus had almost taken his dinner to the Hogwarts Infirmary to wait for him there.  There was no reason to suspect that Remus would come back injured, but with their luck, he thought it might be wiser to just begin assuming the worst.

Still, Dumbledore had assured Severus that he had no reason to worry that Remus would end his birthday in hospital, so Severus was at home, dinner was under a warming charm, and he himself was curled up on the sofa with a book.

It was past eight when Remus finally let himself into the house on Spinner's End.  He was tired and he was soaked through, but he was grateful to be home.  He just hoped Severus would be there and not off spying on the Death Eaters.

He pushed the door shut and locked it, taking off his scarf.  Before even removing the Muggle coat he'd worn to blend in, he bent down to push off his boots.  "Hi, honey, I'm home," he called tiredly.

Severus set his book down and rose from the sofa, crossing the room.  "Hi honey," he replied dryly.  "How'd it go?"

Remus sighed.  "Well, we know more about the situation than we did six hours ago, but I also can't feel my toes, and I think my body is waterlogged."

"Lovely.  Want a hot shower, or maybe a fire?"

"Mmm, or both, as long as you're part of the deal," Remus said, giving him a tired smile.

Severus returned that smile.  "I think you need both," he said, grabbing Remus' shirt and leading him towards the stairs.  "Poor Remus, doing surveillance on his birthday."

Remus ignored the way he was dripping across the floor, his smile widening.  "Still better than the way you spent your birthday," he said, though his cold fingers were fumbling at his buttons.

"I wasn't quite as cold nor wet," Severus said, smirking, and backed his way up the staircase. 

Gazing up at Severus, Remus didn't feel quite so cold.  "You didn't get a greeting as nice as this," he countered, smiling happily up at his lover.  Coming home to this made everything better.

"Yes I did," Severus insisted.  "C'mon."  He took out his wand and undid Remus' buttons with a charm.

"Ooh."  Remus followed Severus more quickly, shrugging out of his shirt.  "I couldn't possibly refuse an invitation like that."

Severus grinned and turned to head into the bathroom so he could start the shower.

Oh, God, that expression on Severus' face melted Remus entirely.  He bounded up the rest of the stairs with much more energy than he'd had a moment ago.  At the top of the stairs he finished undressing and then carried his clothes into the bathroom.

Severus glanced back at Remus and grinned.  "In the hamper," he said, gesturing to Remus' clothes, then got undressed himself.

"Yes, sir," Remus teased, disposing of his clothes as directed, though he was distracted by watching Severus undress.

Severus tossed his clothes in after Remus', then checked the water temperature while smirking at Remus suggestively.  "There, nice and hot for you."

Remus tried to match Severus' expression.  "And what about the water?" he asked teasingly.

Severus snorted, amused, and tugged Remus in under the spray.

The wonderful heat and force of the water actually made Remus groan aloud with pleasure.  "Oh, Merlin, you can have your way with me tonight, I'm easy.  Just a hot shower and I'm at your mercy."  He shifted around, letting the water warm his skin.

Severus laughed.  "Excellent, my sinister plan is working."

Remus beamed at Severus and leaned against him, lifting his face to invite a kiss.

Severus put his arms around Remus and kissed him, ignoring Remus' cold skin.  He'd warm up soon.

"Mmm, I love coming home to you," Remus murmured.  He wanted to nuzzle Severus' neck, but he knew his nose was still icy.  Instead he pressed against Severus, trying to keep from touching him with any bits that were still too cold.

"Mmm, I love that too," Severus murmured, kissing Remus.

That was so wonderful.  Remus opened his mouth to Severus, wanting his lover to possess him and claim him.

Severus took that invitation, exploring Remus' mouth, his arms tight around his lover.

Moaning softly, Remus forgot about his cold hands and wrapped his arms around Severus' neck, burying one hand in his lover's hair.

Severus shivered but didn't pull away, liking Remus' arms around his neck.  He stroked his hands down Remus' back and squeezed his arse, kneading a little.

Oh, Merlin, that was lovely.  Remus arched against Severus a little, his tongue tangling with his lover's.

Severus finally pulled away, when the water and the lack of air was too much.  "Can I wash you?"

Remus blinked at him in surprise for a moment, then nodded, his gaze warm.  "Yes," he breathed.

Severus smiled, pulling Remus so the spray was hitting his hair, and grabbed the bottle of shampoo.  Remus had done this for him several times, but he'd never had the chance to do it for his lover yet.  He lathered it up a bit and then nudged Remus to turn around out of the spray so he could massage Remus' scalp.

Touched that Severus wanted to do this, Remus let himself be guided, relaxing into Severus' touch.  Merlin, it felt so good to have his lover's fingers scrubbing through his hair.

Severus kissed Remus' shoulder briefly when he finished then guided Remus back under the spray to rinse off.  He grabbed a flannel and soaped it up, then went to work on Remus' back.

"Mmm, Severus, I love your hands," Remus murmured, making noises of enjoyment and reaching back to skate his fingers over whatever of Severus' skin he could reach.

Severus smiled, and ducked down so the spray would rinse Remus' back.  He moved down to Remus' arse, giving that a very thorough wash just as an excuse to grope him, and smirked mischievously up at his lover.

"Oh, Merlin," Remus exclaimed, craning to stare down at him.  "You're wicked."  His tone was delighted.

"Don't know what you mean," Severus assured him, washing Remus' thighs innocently, though he was still smirking.

"Of course not," Remus said dryly.  He reached down to run his palm over Severus' head.

Severus hummed, pleased, and washed down Remus' legs to his feet, then balanced on his knees.  "Okay, turn around."

Remus smiled and turned, looking down at his lover's dark hair.  He was so lucky to have Severus in his life.

Severus repeated the action, washing back up Remus' legs, and then re-soaped the flannel.  Gently, teasingly, he began washing Remus' cock.

"Ohhh," Remus breathed, as a glorious wave of pleasure went through his body.

Smirking to himself, Severus made certain to get every inch of it, and then moved, businesslike, up to Remus' stomach and chest, rising as he did so.

Remus whimpered at the loss of stimulation to his cock, but he forced himself to behave, because Severus obviously had something in mind.

Severus finished with Remus' arms, then set the flannel aside and rested his soapy hands on Remus' shoulders, leaning in to kiss him lightly.  "There, warmer now?"

"Oh, yes," Remus breathed fervently, giving in to the urge to wrap his arms around Severus and kiss him again.

"Good," Severus uttered between kisses, sliding his arms around Remus' neck.  "Happy birthday."

"It is," Remus said.  "A very happy birthday."  He stroked his hands along Severus' wet body, liking the way they felt together.

"Mmm, yes, good," Severus muttered, distracted by how good that felt. 

"You're so wonderful to me," Remus breathed.  He kissed Severus again, luxuriating in the way their tongues tangled hungrily.  He loved that they'd been together for a year and a half and they still wanted each other as much as they always had.  When he'd stopped sleeping with strangers, he'd wondered sometimes if one of them would get tired of the other after a while.  He was so glad that hadn't happened.

"I love you so much," Severus murmured, forcing himself to break the kiss.  "C'mon, rinse off, and we'll have tea by the fire."

Tea by the fire?  Remus blinked, but didn't protest, trusting Severus to know what he was doing.  He obeyed, tilting his head back to make sure his hair was rinsed, too.

Severus skipped out as Remus rinsed off and dried himself, then used a charm to heat another towel and wrapped it around his lover when he emerged from the shower.  "I made lamb," he said, cozying up to Remus' warmth for a moment.

"Mmm."  Remus wrapped one arm around Severus, kissing his neck.  "You always take such good care of your werewolf," he murmured.

"And it's not even burnt," Severus added proudly as he led the way back downstairs.

"That's wonderful," Remus said, smiling.  "Am I meant to just wear my towel downstairs?" he asked.  He thought that was the case; Severus hadn't dressed after the shower.

"Yes," Severus said, taking his hand as they went.  "I have blankets to spread out over the rug, and there is a very nice fire going, and I thought we could sit by the fire and eat, with the coffee table, of course, and then have some wine and some sex."

"Oh, yes," Remus breathed, staring at his lover happily.  "It sounds perfect."

"Excellent," Severus murmured, pleased.  "All right," he said when they reached the bottom of the stair, "You go wait by the fire, there are blankets on the sofa, and I'll get the food."

Remus pulled back on their joined hands, pulling Severus to him for a brief kiss.  "I love you," he whispered, his eyes shining at Severus.

"I love you too," Severus said, smiling at Remus for a moment before pulling away to get the lamb.

Quickly, Remus spread the blankets across the rug with abandon; Severus must have emptied the linen closet for this.  Remus' heart felt full with happiness.  This was wonderful.  He sprawled across the rug, watching the kitchen door for his lover's return.

Severus came out with two plates full of food on a tray and levitated them to the coffee table, drinking in the sight of Remus looking so relaxed and happy.  That made him feel warm all over again.

"You cooked for me," Remus said happily.  He gazed at Severus, unable to resist reaching out to him again.

Severus dropped down next to Remus, taking his hand.  "Yeah.  I really hope it's edible."  He smirked.  "I tried to be really careful."

"It'll be fantastic," Remus said, pulling Severus in for another kiss.  "I'm hungry."

"Oh good; food always tastes better when you're hungry, even if it's not very good."  Severus kissed him again, then pulled away and settled before his plateful of food, which was at the other end of the coffee table from Remus' plateful of food. 

Remus laughed softly and moved over to his own plate.  It looked delicious, and when he took a bite, he was pleased to discover it tasted as good as it looked.  Severus really was a good cook, when he could be bothered to pay attention.  Remus made an appreciative noise and took another, bigger, bite.

Encouraged by Remus not turning green, Severus cut off a bite of his own.  He chewed carefully, but was pleased to discover that it did actually taste good.

"It's wonderful," Remus said, smiling.  "Thank you for doing this, Severus."

"I'm just glad that we're still together and I can do this for you," Severus said, smiling.  "Two years of birthdays together."  He knew he was being rather wet, but he didn't care in the least.

Remus beamed at him.  "We'll have birthdays together until we're as old as Dumbledore," he said, then tried not to shudder at the thought of Dumbledore having sex at his age.

Severus smiled, then made a face.  "Do you think we'll still be having birthday sex when we're as old as Dumbledore?"

"We'd better," Remus said.  "But with far less facial hair."  He smirked.

Severus snorted, then laughed.  "Yes, I insist."

Remus beamed at him, pleased that he'd made Severus laugh.  He took a few more bites of his supper, enjoying it immensely.

Severus continued on silently, though he watched Remus while he ate, to make certain Remus didn't need anything.

A deep contentment was welling up inside Remus as he ate.  He slid a hand across the coffee table to hold Severus' hand for a while, trying to show what he didn't think he had words to express.

Severus held Remus' hand, incredibly pleased that Remus was that happy with his plans thus far.  He hoped Remus would enjoy the aphrodisiac he was going to slip into the wine, too.

When Remus was finished, he sat up a little straighter, enjoying watching his lover.

Severus finished soon after and wiped his mouth, then turned his full attention on Remus again.  "How was it?" he asked as he stood to levitate their plates away.

"Wonderful," Remus replied, beaming at him again.  "Absolutely delicious."

"Oh good," Severus said, grinning at Remus.  "I'll be right back with wine."

He hurried into the kitchen and dumped the plates in the sink, then poured two glasses of wine and added a few drops of clear liquid from a phial he took from a multitude of similar phials in the potions cupboard above the sink.  Swirling the wine to mix the aphrodisiac in, he took them both out to the fire and offered Remus one.

"Mmm, thank you," Remus said.  He held up his glass.  "To us," he murmured, holding Severus' gaze.  "Two years of birthdays, and at least another century to come."  He took a long sip of his wine.

"At least another century," Severus agreed.  "Cheers," he added, and took a drink.

"God, I love you so much," Remus murmured.  He hoped Severus wasn't tired of hearing that tonight.  "I love looking at you and being with you."

"I love you too," Severus said, pleased.  "I'm glad we've made it this far."

"We'll make it forever," Remus promised.  He took another sip of wine.  "This is nice," he said, holding his glass up to the firelight to watch it play through the liquid.

"I'm glad you like it," Severus murmured, sipping from his glass.  He hoped he had calculated right; Remus' general tolerance being higher, he'd given him double the dose he'd put in his own.  It would be annoying if that wasn't enough.  Of course, it wouldn't be good if it were too much, either.

"Mmhmm."  Remus smiled at Severus.  "Why don't you come a little closer?"  He took another sip, watching Severus.

Severus smirked and shifted closer so their legs brushed, continuing to drink his wine.

"You're so wonderful," Remus said, leaning in towards his lover.  "So sexy."  He rested a hand on Severus' thigh as he took another sip of his wine.

Severus hummed in approval, leaning against Remus and watching the fire as he worked towards finishing off his glass.  It wasn't that either of them needed an aphrodisiac; at least not to get interested, but this way they would stay interested...and stay interested.  And be...even more interested than usual.  If that were possible.  It would be interesting, at the very least.  Severus was looking forward to making notes later.

Remus nuzzled Severus' throat, smiling.  "This is lovely."  He pulled back to take another long drink of his wine.  He had the idea it might be fun to be a bit tipsy before they got around to sex.

Severus' smile widened, watching Remus drink.  "Yeah, I love this.  You and the fire, and the wine...lovely," he agreed.

"I love your smile," Remus added, lifting his free hand to touch Severus' cheek.  "Love making you look happy."

"Well, appreciated, but today is about making you happy," Severus said, smiling.

Remus drained his wineglass.  "I am happy."

"I'm glad," Severus said, pleased that Remus had finished his wine so quickly.  Wanting to catch up, he concentrated on draining the rest of his as well.

"Mmm."  Remus kissed Severus' neck as he drank.  "Is there any more?" he murmured.

Severus gasped when he lowered his glass, liking the feel of Remus' lips on his neck.  "Yeah, there's more in the kitchen.  Hold on."  He Summoned the bottle for Remus.

Smiling, Remus poured for them both, then set the bottle aside so he could kiss Severus on the lips.  "You're so bloody sexy," he murmured.

Severus smiled, then drank from his newly full wine glass.  He wondered if that were Remus or the aphrodisiac talking.

Remus took another drink himself, pleased that Severus looked so happy.  He shifted a little.  "Come here," he murmured, "let's lie down."

"All right," Severus agreed, taking one last long drink of wine.  He set his wineglass down on the coffee table and shifted closer to the fire, watching Remus.

Remus took his wineglass with him, moving with Severus to stretch out on the rug.  He propped himself up on one elbow, though, while he was drinking his wine.  "I love looking at you.  The firelight makes you look even more desirable."

Severus got comfortable, pillowing an arm under his head, and watched Remus happily.  "Yes, you too."

Smiling, Remus traced a finger over Severus' features, stroking his eyebrows, cheekbones, and nose tenderly.  "Severus."  He tilted his head back and drained his wineglass, feeling a flush go through him.  Merlin, this must be strong wine.  He smiled soppishly at his lover.

Severus grinned at Remus, pleased, his cheeks flushed and his body warmer than he thought it should be, fire or not.

"I feel a little dizzy," Remus murmured, leaning in to kiss him.  "Must be you being so near."  He twined a hand in Severus' hair.

"Or it could be the aphrodisiac I slipped us," Severus said casually.

Remus laughed and nipped at Severus' jaw.  "Right," he said, not believing him.

"You do not sound as if you believe that," Severus observed.  "It's true.  It was in the wine."

Remus pulled back, studying Severus.  "Truly?" he asked, confused.  "Why?"

"So we could fuck longer," Severus said.  "And be even hungrier for each other.  And because you challenged me to make an aphrodisiac that tastes like chocolate, and I'm halfway there."

That made Remus laugh again.  "Oh, Severus," he said, and wrapped his arms around Severus, pulling him down on top of him.  "You never cease to surprise me."  He pulled Severus into a hungry kiss.

Severus returned the kiss as if he were dying of thirst and Remus was water, clinging to him for dear life.

Moaning softly into the kiss, Remus thrust with his tongue, arching up against him.

Severus echoed Remus' moan, rubbing their arousals together.

That sent a fresh wave of desire through Remus, who gasped, sliding a hand down along Severus' body.

"Oh Remus," Severus groaned, wanting to touch his lover everywhere.  He set out to try.

Gasping again and hooking a leg around Severus', Remus arched against him, sliding one hand down to massage his lover's arse.

"Oh yes that's good," Severus gasped, slipping a hand between their bodes to cup and roll Remus' balls.

Desire flared through Remus' body and he growled faintly.  "God, yes, Severus."

"It's your birthday, what do you want first?" Severus asked, rubbing the skin behind Remus' balls.

Oh, God, he was supposed to think now?  Remus whimpered and canted his hips.  "Your cock!" he blurted.  "Now, right away!"

Severus gave Remus a wide grin, casting the charms to prepare Remus.  Oh, he'd meant to not go quite this fast.  But that was what Remus wanted...so he'd just have to go slow next time.

Merlin, just the sensation of the charms had Remus whimpering faintly with pleasure.  "Severus, oh, hurry," he breathed, reaching for his lover again.

Severus shifted between Remus' legs, nuzzling his neck as he nudged Remus' entrance with his cock.  He was already desperately hard for Remus, so he pushed inside with one thrust, groaning.

"God!" Remus cried, arching against him.  Merlin, it felt incredible, it felt better than he'd ever remembered it before.  "God, yes, fuck me!"

Merlin, that was incredible, the lightning dancing through his cock.  Severus moaned something that was supposed to be a response, and immediately began feeling out a hard, fast rhythm.  He pulled Remus' legs around his hips and groaned as that changed the angle of his thrusts.

"Oh, yes," Remus moaned, clutching at Severus, sliding a hand down to grip his arse.  He cried out in wordless pleasure at the way Severus was moving inside him.

"Yes, yes," Severus agreed, gripping Remus' hip tightly as they moved together.

"So good, fuck, Severus!"  Remus' nails dug into Severus' skin as he tightened his muscles around his lover's cock.

"Oh fuck, yes," Severus gasped, leaning over Remus to kiss him hungrily.

Remus moaned into the kiss as teeth and tongues met.  Merlin, it hadn't been like this between them in some time.  He arched against his lover, the hand in Severus' hair pulling a little.

Oh Merlin, the hand on his arse and the hand in his hair were spurring Severus faster, his eyes shut tight as his rhythm changed again.  He braced himself so he could continue thrusting deep, losing track of the kiss for the powerful sensations setting his nerves aflame.  

"Yes, yes," Remus chanted, gasping at the pleasure.
"Remus," Severus gasped, "mine."  He seized Remus' mouth in another demanding kiss as they moved.

Remus was whimpering with each thrust, pleasure shooting through him so intensely it was almost painful.  He clutched at Severus, kissing him hungrily.
"God, you feel so good," Severus groaned between kisses.  He reached between Remus to stroke him firmly, thinking neither of them were going to last very long.

"Oh, oh, Severus, nnuhh!"  Remus writhed and, in a few short minutes, came, gasping, clenching his muscles around Severus.
The intense sensations from Remus' muscles squeezing his cock sent Severus over the edge next, thrusting with abandon as he rode out his climax.  He wrapped his arms around Remus when he finally stilled, ignoring his sticky hand.

"Merlin, that was fantastic," Remus said when he caught his breath.  He clung to Severus, smiling.
"Very intense," Severus uttered, still panting a little.  He stroked Remus' hair. 

"And to think I thought it odd you'd used an aphrodisiac on us," Remus murmured.  "Mmm, that feels nice."

"See?  I told you it would be good."  Severus smiled against Remus' skin, nuzzling him.

"You were right," Remus said, smiling.  "You're a genius."

"Glad you've come to see that," Severus murmured.

"Mm, that isn't fair, I've known that for quite some time now," Remus protested.  He kissed Severus' skin.  "You feel marvellous against me.  We're perfect together."
"I know," Severus said, reaching out to stroke Remus' upper arm.  "You're right, you're usually right."  He met Remus' gaze.  "Here's to a thousand more birthdays together."
Remus beamed at him and wrapped his arms around Severus tightly.  "I love you."

"I love you too," Severus murmured, winding his arms around Remus in turn.
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